Searching Dentist near me? My Family Dental Plan is $99 for single, $125 for Dual, and $150 for family.

We believe that everyone deserves a great smile! Oral hygiene and health are important to your overall well being, lack of insurance and high prices should not prevent you from visiting the dentist. That’s why we’ve created the My Family Dental Plan, a very affordable solution for your dentistry needs.

What Does It Cost?

Single $99
Dual $125
Family $150

Sample Savings

My Family Dental Plan Regular Price Your Savings
Complete X-Rays & Exam $0 $149 $149
3 Surface Composite Fillings $175 $250 $75
Porcelain Crown $675 $850 $175
Braces $3900 $4800 $900

The My Family Dental Plan is NOT insurance, please contact our office to learn exact details about this plan.
We look forward to speaking with you!

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