When horrible throbbing pain from a toothache strikes, your first thought may be to have the tooth pulled from your jaw. If the pain continues for hours or days, all your thoughts may center around extraction. However, unless the tooth is absolutely ruined, saving your tooth with endodontics is the better choice.   What is … Continue reading “Saving Your Tooth with Endodontics”

We all have those problem areas where food and stains like to build up. Your dental hygienist probably spends most of their time there when you visit for your cleanings. Among those areas are some that we all share, the back molars. One option that can help ensure good health of those areas for a … Continue reading “The Advantages of Getting Dental Sealants”

Smile! The whole world is watching. It’s something we’ve all been told at one point or another throughout our lives and, for most, it’s advice that proves easy to follow. However, for some, it can be challenging. If you’re missing teeth, exploring implants may be the option you’re looking for. As a permanent solution for … Continue reading “Implants are a Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth”

Someone once said the two most important things an individual can invest in are good manners and good teeth–a lesson the whole family can get behind. While good manners are learned through practice, good teeth are maintained through habit. It’s quite possible, maintaining a good set of teeth is the easier option of the two. … Continue reading “Family Dental Care Begins with Two Regular Dental Visits”

The pounding and throbbing pain in your head isn’t made up; it’s most likely a migraine. Believe it or not, many migraine headaches are caused by teeth grinding at night during sleep. The easiest solution, you ask? NTI Treatments.   What Are NTI Treatments? A Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition (NTI) tension suppression device fits over the … Continue reading “How NTI Treatments Help a Migraine Headache”

Everyone knows going to the dentist is a key part of dental health and hygiene. But, most people don’t know the importance of scheduling a deep cleaning, on top of your normal check- up. The top benefits of deep cleanings for your teeth include whiter teeth, better gum and oral health and disease prevention.  A … Continue reading “The Top Benefits of Deep Cleanings for Your Teeth”

Finding a family dental care office can be challenging. With different needs for each member of your family, finding one dentist who can take care of everyone seems almost impossible. Here are some tips on how to get the best out of your family dental care and what to look for in a family dental … Continue reading “How to Get the Best out of Your Family Dental Care”

When many people are told they need to see an endodontics specialist for root canal therapy, they imagine the worst. Root canals are associated with dental pain and the specialists who perform them are often feared. However, endodontists, the specialists who perform root canals, are not the bad guys or gals. They are the specialists … Continue reading “Endodontics Specialists: The Good Guys with a Bad Reputation”

For some people, the idea of root canal treatment can be a source of anxiety. Although it is a complicated dental procedure, it should not be feared. Root canal therapy can save a diseased tooth from extraction, stop severe tooth pain and cure an infected tooth. If you are someone that has dental anxiety or … Continue reading “The Before and After Care of Root Canal Treatment”

Over time, our teeth can begin to look yellow or develop stains. If a person drinks red wine or coffee or if they smoke cigarettes the stains can be even worse. If you have stains on your teeth that you cannot remove with a simple brushing or with a cleaning at the dentist, you should … Continue reading “Is Professional Teeth Whitening for You?”